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Drome Engine

Drome Engine is a 3D game engine that’s written in C++ and uses OpenGL for graphics rendering. It is open source software available under a BSD-style license.


Some of Drome Engine’s features include:


Drome Engine has been developed and tested on the following operating systems:


The latest version of Drome Engine can be found on GitHub.


Click any image below to view a larger version.

screenshot 2 Normal/shadow mapping with GLSL vertex/fragment shaders screenshot 1 Normal mapping with GLSL vertex/fragment shaders

Screenshots from old versions

screenshot 5 Dynamic lighting, water with dynamic reflection screenshot 4 Using one of the Bitstream Vera fonts as the console font screenshot 3 Terrain, sky dome
screenshot 2 Multi-colored dynamic lighting, sky dome, water screenshot 1 Dynamic lighting with a shadow projected from a standard Quake II model